QAL1-2 Course Description


EVENT TITLE The Road to Quality Assurance: Awareness for All Teams  
LEARNER LEVEL* Level #1 (Awareness)
EVENT TYPE Live/ Recorded Webinar
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*Learner Level as defined by our Continuing Education & Training (CET) Team.

Event Objectives & Content

This webinar was designed to:

  • Provide a high-level overview of the elements of a Quality Assurance program.
  • Further an awareness of the principles, intent and potential benefits of a Quality Assurance program.
  • Build an awareness of the typical role of the QA Team within an organization.

We will discuss topics such as:

  • Basic principles of Quality Assurance.
  • Typical benefits of a functioning Quality Assurance program.
  • Roles, responsibilities and expectations of the QA Team.

Why attend?

  • This webinar is a short and simple way for new or junior members of a QA Team and non-members of a QA Team, to become more aware of the principles of Quality Assurance.
  • You will receive guidance on the typical expectations of a QA team within the organization.
  • This is an opportunity for you to become more aware of the importance of Quality Assurance to the goods and services you offer.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions of a Quality Assurance Specialist regarding the general concepts and principles of Quality Assurance.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone can attend (any level of responsibility, authority, experience and training).
  • Anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their goods and services.
  • Individuals who are NOT on the Quality team and are seeking guidance on how to better support the Quality Assurance team.
  • Individuals seeking guidance on how to function as a new member of a Quality Assurance team.
  • Individuals seeking to better understand how Quality Assurance may be applied to their service and product.


  • None

What to Expect

  • A Quality Assurance Specialist will deliver the presentation and facilitate a Q&A session.

Quiz/ Exam:

  • Quiz/ Exam? No.
  • Attendee participation during the event will be expected, as required.

Presentation Developer & Presenter/ Trainer        

  • Content developed by our Continuing Education & Training (CET) Team.
  • Presenters are experienced, trained, qualified, subject matter experts.

Event Schedule, Cost & Registration

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