Webinar (WEB01)- Standard for Innovation Management – October 19, 2021

The Standard for Innovation Management
- ISO 56002

[FREE 1hr Webinar]​

Join us as we review the key reasons for implementing an Innovation Management System using the ISO 56002: 2019 guidelines.

Simply put, innovation is the introduction of something new. Innovation management is an efficient way to capture, organize and direct your thoughts, ideas, and inventions.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has introduced a series of documents to provide guidance to organizations who seek to utilize an Innovation Management System for the achievement of continued growth and success.

In this webinar you will be presented with the key components of Innovation Management Systems and steps to building an effective Innovation Management Program.

You will hear from an organization who is a leader in Innovation Management Systems. They have achieved recognition of their own management system, in accordance with ISO 56002:2019 requirements.

This webinar was designed to provide a starting point for you to better understand ISO 56002 and to build your awareness of the general concept of Innovation Management.. An Innovation Management Specialist will deliver the presentation and facilitate a Q&A session.

WEBINAR TITLE The Standard for Innovation Management – ISO 56002
October 19, 2021, 12:00 noon  – 1:00 pm (Eastern US/ Canada)
LEARNER LEVEL* Level #1 (Awareness)
EVENT TYPE Live Webinar

*Learner Level as defined by our Continuing Education & Training (CET) Team.

Who should attend?

  • Those interested in sustaining their organization’s success by developing and demonstrating the organization’s ability to effectively manage innovation activities.
  • Management teams seeking to improve the confidence of stakeholders in the innovation capabilities of their organization.
  • Policy makers, aiming for higher effectiveness of support programs targeting the innovation capabilities and competitiveness of organizations and the development of society.


Alexandre Pierro - Operations Director, Palas Innovation (Brazil)

This webinar is a short and simple way to become familiarized with the concept of Innovation Management. You will hear from an Innovation Management Specialist regarding the basics of Innovation Management.

You will be provided with guidance on how to further improve your understanding and use of the ISO 56002 standard for an Innovation Management System.