Code Of Ethics & Other Policies

All Onazry personnel are required to abide by the following company policies:


We follow internal policies and procedures to maintain our commitment to providing superior quality service. Some of our policies are available on our website. These include:

Terms & Conditions of Use
Privacy Policy
Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policy


All Onazry employees are committed to the following:

  1. Always maintain integrity and professionalism. Not act in any manner that will compromise the reputation of Onazry or any of our programs.
  2. Optimize personal, client and other resources to complete an assignment. Adequately inform clients about the nature of the proposed services, including any relevant concerns or risks.
  3. Be aware of and comply with applicable laws and regulations relevant to the assignment. Do not cause any person or persons to contravene any applicable laws and regulations during the assignment.
  4. Always conduct activities in a manner that fosters confidence in the profession. Exhibiting conduct that reflects honorably upon and enhances the standing and public regard of the profession.
  5. Only offer professional services for which we are qualified to perform.
  6. Maintain competency in our respective field(s) and strive to constantly improve professional capabilities.
  7. Disclose to Onazry management, clients and stakeholders any business interests or affiliations that might influence our judgment or impair our fairness.  
  8. Treat in a confidential and private manner the information acquired during professional and business dealings of any present or former employer or client, and not disclose this information without proper consent.
  9. Respect the rights of other professionals in the industry, only using proprietary information or methodologies with permission and acknowledging the work of others.
  10. Maintain the disciplinary mechanisms to uphold this Code of Ethics & Conduct. Fully cooperating on any inquiry following a claimed infringement of this Code of Ethics.


Onazry LLC safeguards the rights of privacy of all stakeholders by limiting the types of information gathered and the ways in which such information is obtained, stored, used, reported and secured. Users of our website are expected to comply with our website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Onazry LLC maintains our credibility and the confidence of the clients. We do not share stakeholders’ private data or information without permission.


To obtain a copy of any project or training record that we have on our files, please contact us in writing (e.g. email us at [email protected] or via our Contact Form) with your full name, a description of the record requested (e.g. course certificate), the date of the event(s). If you are requesting the information via the same contact method you previously used to receive this information (e.g. the email used when you registered for an event or used for project communication, we will re-send the requested record to that original email that we have on file. If you are requesting that we send the record using a different contact method (e.g. to a different email account than the one we used to issue the record), proof of identification of the requestor (e.g. a copy of a government or company issued ID) will be required. Proof of authorization to obtain the requested document will be required, if you are requesting on someone’s behalf.


At Onazry LLC we strive to be fair and impartial to all who receive our services, including past, current and potential clients.  We do not discriminate when selecting projects including learning events and the participants. Clients Recipients of our services are not rejected based on race, religion, political beliefs or financial status.

Personnel are required to disclose any current, past or future relationships with stakeholders, that could be or become an actual or perceived discriminatory action.

Discriminatory practices in hiring, promotion and compensation are prohibited. Onazry encourages an environment of fair business practices and non-discrimination.


We will fully cooperate on any inquiry following a claimed infringement of our policies.
Please contact us directly for more details about our policies and how they are enforced.

For details on our processes you may contact our team at [email protected].