Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policy


We may accept online payments via our website. Users (including course registrants and clients) may pay for our services through Paypal and Credit Card options, depending on their country of residence. ONAZRY LLC holds itself not liable to payments processed via PayPal or any other payment gateways used on our website for payments including but not limited to training course registration, fees for Consulting services, and other products and services.

We are aware of the importance of ensuring a secure online payment experience, for which reason we use reliable third-party service providers such as PayPal and other payment gateways. To this end, we use the SSL Certificate from reliable third-party service provider to secure your personal information. The SSL Certificate confirms that ONAZRY LLC has been assessed to have installed a high standard of Internet Security. Also see our Privacy Policy.


Once we have been notified by the payment processor that a payment has been made and has been verified as legitimate, access will be granted to the payer to the product or service being purchased. We make no guarantees of timeliness or immediacy of this process as we use an external payment processor. If there is a payment discrepancy or refund request, please contact us to make us aware of the issue. Online  payment issues or disputes will be resolved directly with the payment processor.

Courses & Events: Refunds are processed based on the timeliness of cancellations and if the cancellation was initiated by the Registrant or by Onazry LLC.  After payment for a course or event has been received, a written notice (e.g. email) of cancellation by the registrant must be received so refund eligibility can be determined.  Refund of fees paid for courses and events will be permitted as follows:

  • Full Refund:
    • Onazry LLC reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course or event and at such time registrants will be notified with immediacy. Cancellations by Onazry LLC will be eligible for a full refund of fees paid.
    • Payment cancellation and refund requests received within 24 hours of payment, must be submitted in writing and will be subject to review for eligibility of full refund.
  • Partial Refund:
    • Cancellations by registrants received in writing more than 15 days before the first day of the scheduled course or event date will be eligible for a refund of fees paid, less a processing fee of 25% of cost of the course.
  • No Refund:
    • Cancellations not received in writing and those received in writing but less than 15 days before the first day of the scheduled course or event date, will not be eligible for a refund of any part of fees paid. Partial credit may be applied based on a case-by-case evaluation of the circumstances and at the sole discretion of Onazry LLC.
  • No refund for travel and expenses:
    • Travel and other expenses incurred by registrants associated with courses or events will not be refunded by Onazry LLC.
    • Onazry LLC will not be held liable for costs incurred due to course or event cancellations or postponement. When making travel plans, registrants are encouraged to purchase travel insurance or refundable tickets, at their own discretion. Registrants may contact Onazry LLC to verify the course or event is confirmed to be delivered according to schedule prior to making their reservations.

Other Services and Products: Arrangements for cancellation and refunds for fees paid for other services and products provided by Onazry LLC (i.e. not including courses and events), are governed by the individual contracts or Service Agreements approved by the client and Onazry LLC management. Those agreements supersede this policy. 

Last Updated January 29, 2020
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