Onazry Academy

Our Continuing Education & Training (CET) Team provides training on Service Quality and Product Quality through our Onazry Academy.

What Are The Popular Topics?

  • An Introduction to Service/ Product Quality Management
  • An Introduction to Quality Management Tools & Techniques
  • Identifying Customer Needs
  • Effective Handling of Customer Complaints
  • Business Risk & Service/ Product Quality

Who should attend?

Our various training events are designed to educate your business as a whole. There is something for everyone. For your success, at the very minimum everyone in your business should benefit from having an awareness of what Service Quality means and its importance to the business. This includes executives, front-line workers and behind the scenes personnel.

We design learning events to cater to different levels of responsibility. Our lesson plans are based on what the learner already knows and what they are seeking to understand. The most common Learner Levels are:
Level 1 – Awareness
Level 2 – Introduction
Level 3 – Implementation & Maintenance
Level 4 – Audit & Assessment

More details about the content and target audience for each learning event can be found under the Training Courses & Events tab of our website.

How are the events delivered?

We appreciate that people learn in different ways, so we present information in different formats such as in-person or online and sometimes a combination of both. These can be instructor-led or self-directed.

Go to our Registration Forms to see what is scheduled and which format best suits your needs.

Didn’t see the course you are looking for?

We can also customize learning events and deliver these on-site or remotely, based on your specific needs. Contact us to learn how.

TIP! Keep checking our website for downloadable templates, references and to register for free webinars!