Food Safety Training

“My company pursued Oraculi (now Onazry) to help us with training of our Food Safety Team to help fulfill ISO requirements. We had training in ISO 22000:2018 Introduction and Internal Auditing. Both sessions were very informative and helped out a great deal, especially the internal auditing course which helped me with implementing my own internal audits of our PRP’s and our newly established Food Management System. Both courses come with a manual that is useful for retrieving what has been taught at later dates. I am very pleased with the instructor we had and look forward to future training to help make our FS Team more competent according to ISO 22000:2018 standards.”
V. Tedesco, Quality Assurance Supervisor at Biofarma US, New Jersey USA

Introduction to ISO 9001

Oraculi (now Onazry) customized a training course for a team of Service Managers on quality management. This course on ISO 9001 provided and highlighted the areas for customer focus, continual service improvement and the need for managers in any business sector to be aware of the industry standards and its benefits that can be applied throughout their organizations.
H. Bailey, Service Manager – Information Technology, New York USA

Service Quality Consulting

“I needed a business consultant to help my company focus in on a strong marketing and operation business plan. We used Oraculi LLC (now Onazry) Business Consultants to formulate a plan and to help train us in a digital world and to fulfill our vision. We were very impressed with the intricate details that Ms. Ryan focused on, that in our daily business operations we missed. Ms. Ryan overall results made her a very good investment to help reach and continue to grow La Pearl Beauty Emporium happily recommends ORACULI (now Onazry) to anyone looking to start or grow their business. Thank you Ms. Ryan”.
K. Payne, Hair Stylist at La Pearl Beauty Emporium, Philadelphia PA