About Us

Our Belief

We believe in customer satisfaction, continual improvement and integrity. These are reflected in everything we do. We believe that successful businesses will foster successful societies. We continue to achieve our success through exceeding the expectations of our clients, maintaining integrity in our business practices and upholding the Code of Ethics of our profession.

Our Vision

Onazry will be an agent of positive change for individuals and businesses. We will encourage others to improve through provision of our services. We will be leaders in our field.

Our Mission

The Onazry team will contribute to the improvement of communities by providing effective business solutions and continuing education services to enhance business growth and sustainability. With our expertise, we will encourage better business practices which will strengthen our communities through provision of improved work environments.

Our Approach

Our internal programs are based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard. Our Service Policy is based primarily on four pillars of activity: AssessSolveImproveSupport

We are committed to the success of our clients and believe that this approach will sustain us as leaders in our profession and thereby elevate the experience our clients have with us.

Ask us how we can apply our approach to your business and learn more about our services.

Our Team

Onazry consists of a network of highly skilled professionals with experience in a variety of industries.  Our team has expertise in many disciplines including Quality Assurance (for goods and services), Food Safety, Regulatory Compliance and Project Management.

We are Project Managers, Consultants, Trainers, and Auditors.

Our team members maintain relevant professional certifications and designations. This allows us to have a current perspective on the needs of our clients. Our combined skills and experiences gives us the Onazry Advantage to problem solving, which results in our creative solutions that we extend our clients.

Our Services

Onazry provides Management Consulting services to companies in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Service Provision
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Food Safety Management
  • Environment Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Food Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Regulatory Compliance

Our History

Onazry was co-founded by Dr. Michael Ryan and Michelle Ryan to realize their vision of creating a company that would help other businesses to grow through provision of Consulting Services at maximum value and minimum cost .

Both Michael and Michelle are of Jamaican heritage and are graduates of the University of the West Indies. Prior to moving to North America, they separately owned and operated businesses in Jamaica. Each has been in their respective fields for over 20 years, has had great success and have together amassed several professional designations over that time. They are happy to be able to share their skills and great network of professionals in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

  • 1995 MACH Laboratories Ltd. was incorporated in Kingston Jamaica to provide Laboratory Services and Consulting services to food processors.
  • 2014 MACH Global Solutions Inc. was incorporated in Ontario, Canada to provide Consulting, Training and sub-contracted Auditing Services.
  • 2018 MACH Global LLC was incorporated in Delaware, USA to provide Consulting, Training and sub-contracted Auditing Services .
  • 2019 Oraculi LLC was incorporated in Delaware, USA to provide Consulting, Training and Auditing Services.
  • 2020 Oraculi LLC was phased out and Onazry LLC was incorporated in Delaware, USA to provide Consulting, Training and Auditing Services.

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